Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hi all, I hope you have all been enjoying the blog!  We're now in the middle of our Denali climbing season.  We currently have 7 Denali expeditions on the mountain.  Our Kahiltna Dome Expedition/Denali prep course is launching tomorrow.

I just wanted to shed some light, as well as respond to a few comments and clarify for those of you trying to track friends and family climbing in the mountains with us.

Climbing Denali is a difficult undertaking!  To do so, it requires 3 plus weeks on the mountain and months if not, years, of planning and training it takes to prepare.  Once on the mountain, climbers need decent weather, good health, mental fortitude, snow camping and climbing skills and bit of luck. 

If anyone gets sick, strains a muscle, changes their mind about being on the mountain, realizes that they may have undertrained etc, they have the option of going down with other AMS expeditions that are already on their way back down the mountain.  Some climbers may make it all the way to high camp, even make a summit attempt, but not make it to the top for any number of reasons.  If that happens they are able to turn around and head back to high camp with one of the AMS guides.  If/when an AMS team-member decides to go back early or turn around on summit day they are always accompanied by a guide.

We frequently are in contact with guides on summit days, but we don't necessarily hear from them who did or did not summit.  Due to the personal nature of this climb, we allow individual team-members to directly contact their friends and family to share their story of their Denali climb upon their return from the Alaska Range.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, and enjoy the blog.


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