Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DAV Summit Club

A Brian Okonek (Master of wall building) photo of some good camp building in action.

DAV summit Club, guided by Tom Torkelson and Elliot Gaddy arrived at 14 K in what Tom described as the best weather he has ever had.  Seems like Tom just said that about the weather when he made his cache the other day at 13.5K.  Sounds like everyone on the mountain must have been having good weather these past couple of days. 

I talked to Tom just after 8:00 PM.  they had been building camp for the last several hours and are now sitting behind big fat snow walls protecting their tents from wind.  They are planning on doing a back carry tomorrow, then a front carry to the 16,200' ridge, then take a rest day and then start looking for a good day to move to high camp.

They are doing great and are all psyched to be established at 14K and they all send out a big hello to everyone.

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