Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mountain Update

Guide Joey McBrayer called with an AMS Denali update today.  They backcarried to pick up their cache of extra equipment and food at 13,500' today, the weather is nice but cold.  Tomorrow they plan to rest up for the front carry they plan to do on Monday to 16,200'.  All are doing well.

Guide Tom Torkelson with the the DAV Summit Club are headed to 17,200' (high camp) today.  Again, the weather has been very clear and sunny and cold.

AMS Guides Greg Collins and Dan Corn who are leading two AMS West Rib expeditions are currently camped at the bottom of ski hill at 7,800' of the Kahiltna Glacier. Tomorrow they plan to travel with light packs up into the NE Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier to check on conditions. This strategy enables them to move faster in this tricky route finding area of the approach and allows them to gather information for their next moves towards their goal of climbing Denali via the complete West Rib route.

Guide Kirsten Kremer with the AMS Girls Ham 'n Eggs Climb called in from the Moose's Tooth area. They are enjoying their achievements of yesterday and also the wonderful weather in the Alaska Range.  They are climbing some smaller routes in the area today.

No direct news from Pat Ormond's team today but according to his schedule they are camped 11,000' and doing very well.  They are working their way towards the 14,200' basin camp where they will rest and look toward their forward progress on the higher mountain.

Good work everyone!

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