Monday, May 21, 2012

a few updates

Tom Torkelson and the DAV summit club, who summitted yesterday in perfect weather, are heading down the mountain.  They were planning on picking up their cache at 11K and perhaps sleeping there or the bottom of ski hill.  Weather permitting they will try to fly out Tuesday afternoon/evening.

I could hear AMS guides Joey Mcbrayer (5/11) and Pat Ormond (5/13) in the background.

Joey said that he and his team are going to carry tomorrow (tuesday) to the 16 ridge.

Pat said that his crew is taking a rest day tomorrow (tuesday).

Tom and his team were able to roll into 14 this afternoon and have drinking water ready and and lots of other hospitality as well.  They will continue to see other AMS teams in various camps as they go down the mountain.

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