Saturday, May 12, 2012

McBrayer West Buttress

AMS' 2nd Denali Expedition lead by guides Joey McBrayer and Alex Stroud flew to Kahiltna base camp this morning.  The team was delayed by the weather last night, but they got to enjoy the first AMS BBQ of the summer so they had fun eating beef/bear/pork burgers.  The team was happy and rested as they headed off to the airport.  They are ready for their Denali climb to begin. They are an awesome group and we can already tell that they will be having lots of fun during their climb.

Gene packing his lunches
Standing: Bill, Gene, Liam, Angela, Seth, Valaimir,
Seated: Joey McBrayer, Alex Stroud

This is a strong team.  In spite of learning they could not fly, they were all smiles when they lined up for their group photo yesterday!

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