Wednesday, May 30, 2012


AMS guide, Nate Opp called in from 11K a bit ago.  He and his team are having a good time.  They are taking a rest day today and will think about moving up to 14K tomorrow if the weather is good.  Rest days on Denali are very helpful!  Not only does it allow your body time to rest and acclimate, but it allows you to dial in your "kit" so you're ready for future moves and carries.

Teams always leave a cache at 11K of items that they either no longer need (dirty socks, garbage, crampon bags, the remainder of week 1 lunch food etc).  This cache won't get retrieved until the team is on their way out at the end of the expedition.  Snow shoes and some of the sleds get cached here as well.  11K is a bottle neck camp on the way up as most groups do a back carry, a front carry and a rest day here.  On the way down all groups also stop here to retrieve their caches that they left on the way up.  Many groups will stop and rest here for several hours on the way down.

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