Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ormond's Denali Departs, Advanced Mountaineering Returns

Firstly: Happy Mother's Day! Thanks to all the Mom's who raised their children with enough confidence to live a life of adventure and love of the wilderness. What an amazing gift you have given us all. 

Climbing season is in full swing and we are loving it.  Our days are busy and we are having a great time at the AMS HQ getting everyone set to go and seeing them return with smiles on their faces.

Another AMS Denali West Buttress flew to the Alaska Range today.  They had a great day here getting organized.  Guides Pat Ormond and Larry Holmgren felt they had a strong well prepared team.  They were ready to go and went to the airport early!

Guide Larry Holmgren, Chris, Dave, Veronic, Doug, Dave, Guide Pat Ormond

The Advanced Mountaineering Course returned from the Pika Glacier today.  Instructors Winslow  Passey and Josh Murphey said they learned a lot and had a good time during their 12 days in the Alaska Range. Currently, they are enjoying a dinner out on the town, welcome back!

 Ian, Dana and Kelsey

Teams are coming and going around the HQ today and we are also doing even more...we check and re-check the gear daily, so it performs at it's best as a home away from home for our teams. 

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Any recent word from the Ormond Group ?