Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pat Ormond, 5/13, 11K

11K in the foreground and a group of 3 heading up Motorcycle Hill with sleds in tow (the start of the move to 14K).

 AMS guide Pat Ormond called in from 11K today.  They rolled into camp yesterday.  Today the did a back carry to get their supplies this afternoon.  When groups move from 7.8 K (bottom of ski hill) all the way up to 11K in one move they are able to do so because they are not carrying all of their supplies.  From 7.8 K camp,  groups do a carry and place as much of their unneeded supplies (they will need them higher up) as high as they can (usually before they turn the corner towards 11K camp).  Then when they move to 11, they walk right on by it and retrieve the cache the following day. 

Pat said his group was "really strong"!  He said "they are crushing it"!  That's good!  Everything is going as planned, the group is solid and getting along great.

On another note and in reference to a couple comments.  It is very NORMAL for guides not to call in.  Some guides call in often.  Some guides almost never call in.  Some are in between.  All of the satellite phones are working.  They are reserved for emergencies.  No news is good news.  It just means they are having fun and don't feel like using technology today.  They are all thinking of friends and family, I'm sure of that.

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