Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summit Day

Tom Torkelson leading the DAV Summit Club called in from the top of North America.

The team is strong and the weather is perfect for them. They reached 20,320', the top of Denali at 8:00 PM tonight.  They are all feeling well and are currently en route to high camp.

More later and have a great night!


Anonymous said...

Major congratulations to Tom and his team! My husband's team is right behind them, and I hope the incredibly perfect weather continues for all those making their way up Denali.
Gorgeous shot of the climber against the sunset. Thanks to the AMS staff for these posts as news trickles in. Those of us back home salute you all.

Dina Glendening-Keller said...

Congrats to Tom and his team!! I am excited to climb with Tom two weeks from tomorrow!! Thanks so much for posting all these updates - it is so inspiring so follow. - Dina