Thursday, May 17, 2012

Torkelson and DAV summit Club

Here, a group puts in a cache at the exact location where Tom and his crew put in their cache today. Just out of view are the top of the fixed lines.

Tom Torkelson called in from 14K just now.  They had a great day carrying to 16.4K.  They now have everything that they don't need at 14K waiting for them to pick it up on their way to High Camp.  This is the one cache that gets picked up along the way.  The section from the cache on the 16 ridge to HC is  heavy.  They need everything with them when they arrive at HC, so they are unable to back carry.  They may opt to leave a little food and fuel behind, that 2 of the guides could run down and pick up, in case they needed extra time at HC, but other than that they will bring everything with them. 

This move is one of the reasons that it is MANDATORY for all team members to have a big backpack.  They are all feeling VERY strong. They are planning on taking a rest day tomorrow and then move up to HC the following day if the weather is good.  Tom sounded very optimistic that they would get good weather in the days to come.  He is planning on going for the summit as soon as possible, since the weather is so perfect and the group is so strong.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure they're thinking of family and friends, don't we raise them to be independent minded individuals? I love getting news from Tom Torkelson and happy the weather is cooperating. I have a map of a fly I took over the area many years ago with Lowell Thomas Jr and know how beautiful that special place can be. It's fun to follow their progress. Good work on the blog,
Elliot's mom.