Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update from 5/11 Denali Team and 5/13 team

We got a call from AMS guide Joey McBrayer last night. His 5/11 team rolled into 11,000 camp just before 8pm on Tuesday, May15. All were well and full of energy building camp. He said the team was strong and experiencing good traveling conditions. It has been in the twenties during the day which is just the right temperature for good snow travel conditions as well as allows for some cool air to combat the strong influence of the sun on the reflective glacier. It can actually be surprisingly easy to overheat when traveling with heavy backpacks and sleds during the day.

Joey said he saw Pat Ormond's 5/13 team on a forward carry. Pat's team carried their supplies all the way to Kahiltna Pass, which is a little further than typical. Joey said that the team looked strong and that they expected Pat's team to join them at 11,000 camp today!

The forecast for climbers in the range continues to be sunny and clear with cold temperatures throughout the week. We wish them all the best as they continue to plug away at their climbing objectives.

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