Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wagner's 5/21 Checks In

We had a call last evening from Forest Wagner where the team was camped at the base of Ski Hill (7,800 feet) listening to Willie Nelson music. All are well. Today they will do a front carry to 9,800 feet, sleep back at 7,800 feet and tomorrow move up higher. They may move to 9,800 or continue onto 11,000 depending on weather and how the group is feeling. Back and forth, back and forth all the way up the mountain. It is a beautiful day in the Alaska Range.

9,800 Camp near Kahiltna Pass
Tom Torkelson's DAV Summit Club flew out yesterday afternoon...but the weather prevented the whole team from flying out. Alas, Guides Tom and Elliot did not make it back last night but they should be here within the hour. We'll post pictures of the successful summit team later today.

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