Thursday, June 14, 2012

Afternoon Update

There seems to be a break in the weather up on the Mountain so that means its time to move.

Passey 5/28 left 14K camp and is heading to high camp at 17,200 feet

Postle 6/5 is resting at 14K. They inherited a cache of supplies from Nate Opp's team which came off mountain today. They are practicing their fixed line ascension for in preparation for their move to high camp the day after tomorrow.

Torkelson 6/5 moved to 14K yesterday and today they are back carrying. This means that on their way up they dropped some gear, headed to 14K, set up camp and went to bed. Then today they went back down to 13,200 for the rest of their gear. They are pretty much on schedule despite the bad weather. Mostly because they were lower on the mountain so were able to keep moving upwards.

There is definitely a bottleneck of climbers who waited out the weather at 14K and now are making upward progress.

Meanwhile, back at HQ the mountaineering course wrapped up their packing and headed to the airport while Hunter/Hameister just came off the mountain and are expected here imminently.

Meagan learns the finer points of a foot prussik.

Troy is ready to roll.

The team gets some dry land training.

Jon ponders the ascender.

The Team! Troy, Meagan, Jon, Dana, Morgan, Todd holding Lisle and little doggie Rosie...the last two don't get to go.


Anonymous said...

Go Postle 6/5!!! Climb fierce Joel!

Anonymous said...

I work with Tom on Postle 6/5. It is has been great to follow their progress while learning about mountain climbing on this site. Thanks for the updates!