Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Afternoon Update

The weather in the Alaska Range remains socked in preventing planes from flying. There is still a chance for Hoeschen's 6 Day Mountaineering Course and Hamill's 6/11 expedition to get out this evening...it is getting brighter here in town and there are patches of blue sky. One thing you need plenty of when climbing Denali is patience.

Coady's 6/18 called in this morning. They made it to 14K last night and are resting today. It was cloudy there this morning and all are doing well.

In the meantime Vernovage's IMG climb helped unload the Costco order while Jane's 6/25 team spent the day doing skills.

Members of Gowler's 6/27 West Buttress team arrived are doing their Denali Skills Workshop today.

Mike Janes and Beth Cleary's crew on their first attempt to fly out yesterday evening.

Barry practices rope coiling in the Skills Workshop.

Sue concentrates on perfection.

Members of Vernovage's IMG climb practice the 'Talkeetna Hang' as they wait for the weather to allow them to fly.

Some of the climbers hanging around helped unload the Costco order this afternoon.
Teams coming up from Windy Corner and headed to 14K Camp.

Building the kitchen in the 14K camp.

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Jason Keck said...

Hope the weather clears so you guys can start pushing up the remaining 6,000 or so feet. I have wanted to climb this mountain since I gawked at it in awe when I was in Alaska as a little kid. Good luck and be safe!