Saturday, June 9, 2012

All is good

Hey there.  Haven't gotten too many calls lately.  Todd Passey and Lisa called in from 14K.  They are doing well.  They're waiting at 14K for the weather to improve as is Josh Hoeschen and his crew.

Todd and Lisa talked to Tom Torkelson last night and he and his team were doing well (at the bottom of Ski Hill).  Tom's crew most likely would have moved up to camp at 9,700 feet today.  Torkelson and his team will be looking to move to 11K tomorrow, if they didn't move there today.  Some guides like to move all the way to 11K from the bottom of ski hill, while others like to make camp at 9700 feet, thus breaking that section into two days.  It takes the same amount of days either way you do it.  If you move all the way to 11 from the bottom of ski hill, then you have to do a back carry, whereas if you camp at 9700 then you are able to single carry with all of your stuff to 11K, since that section from 9700 to 11K is quite short.

Mark Postle and his team moved up to 11K yesterday.  They did a back carry today to 10,000 feet to retrieve all of their supplies.  They are now sitting at 11K with everything they have and are in the process of sorting it out for a front carry to 13.5K tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

Russell Hunter, Paul and Dusty are still waiting at High Camp for the winds to die down so they cam make an attempt for the summit.


Anonymous said...

Go Joel go!

Jody Ballard-Vance said...

Cheering on my amazing fiance, Thomas Moore on Mark Postle's team!!