Friday, June 22, 2012

Around AMS Today

80 degrees here today! All of the gear and tents from the expeditions that came off the mountain yesterday are dried out and put away. New guides showed up for next week's West Buttress Expeditions and other guides departed for the south land.
Winslow and Todd Passey say goodbye to AMS for the 2012 season. They are off to guide in the Tetons for the rest of the summer.
Intern Jeremiah has developed a coffee addiction. He's a huge help around here!
Todd Tumolo and the 12 Day Mountaineering Course will start hiking out of the Pika Glacier at 2:00 AM this morning via Wildhorse Pass. They will hike across the Dutch and Peters Hills and come out on Petersville Road on the 25th. They will be trading the white ice of the glacier for the green tundra and hopefully they brought their headnets.

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