Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busy Weekend

While we are used to the normal business of packing and launching expeditions, climbs and hikes; we have also been busy with an entirely different different type of launch.

We now have a yurt! It is 24 feet in diameter and four feet off the ground to help with snow shedding. The underneath will store bicycles as well as wood for the wood stove! It was amazing to watch it come together–after the platform was built, it only took one day to raise the yurt. Mike Wood, Colby, Rob, interns and guides all pitched in to get the job done. It will be used as a quiet place for staff to relax and not be around the daily goings-on of the office.

Personally, I shall miss the guides being around (and underfoot). We'll have to have an intercom system so we can find them quickly, nevertheless it will be a great addition to the AMS compound.

~blogger laura

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