Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coady 6/18 Denali Update

AMS Guide Melis Coady just called in.  They team is doing super well.

Already today they have completed their carry up the fixed lines to 16,300' and are now back in the 14,200' camp.  Over the past few days, they have experienced very light snow and good temperatures with light winds, which is great.  

They have been getting up early and getting ahead of the other climbers in the mornings, and their travelling conditions have been perfect.

Tomorrow they plan to get up early again and move to the 17,200' high camp. The weather looks good for them in the next few days.
This is a cropped photo of the 14,200' camp area, the camp is in the flat area in the center of the photo, the fixed lines are to the left, if you blow up this photo you can see the tracks of the fixed lines.  This photo is from a couple of years ago, but it looks pretty much the same today.

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