Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coady June 18 Denali Update

Guide Melis Coady from our June 18 Denali expedition called in this afternoon from the 14,200' camp.  They are all happy and doing well.  If the weather is cooperative (they think it will be) they plan to carry up the fixed lines to 16,300' with some food and gear tomorrrow. After carrying to higher elevations they will return to the 14,200' camp to rest up before their move to high camp at 17,200'.  This carry acts as both an important step in acclimativing as well helps them lighten their backpack weight for the move day.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no way to get current photos of the team.  They are all on the mountain and we are in Talkeetna, the technology is not set up for any kind of internet connection on Denali.  It is a very remote area on the planet and just all communication to AMS is via satellites.  We know that you are interested in what they are seeing so we post photos from our collection from our previous expeditions, enjoy!  

Denali and the West Buttress Route, they are at Camp 3 now.

A previous 2012 AMS team at 14,200',  it's a stunning camp.
AMS climbers moving up the fixed lines. - Tomorrow's activity!

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