Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dan Corn and the climbing crew

AMS guide Dan Corn called in this morning from the Pika Glacier (aka Little Switzerland).  He and his crew have been getting lots of climbing done.  Dan's team is out in the mountains for 30 days of climbing, adventuring and mountaineering instruction.

Their program has been: climb a day, classes for a day, climb a day, classes for a day, repeat...  They were on their way to climb the "Lost Marsupial" on the Throne today.
Brian Okonek Photo of the Throne in Little Switzerland.  The Lost Marsupial is not recognizable unfortunately as it is buried in the shade.


diggin' life said...
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diggin' life said...

So awesome! Glad to hear things are going well. I flew over you on my way home from Prudhoe Bay yesterday. It looks like you are having great weather. We are so excited for Meagan and can't wait to hear stories! Sending lots of love to Meagan and big hellos to Morgan and the rest of the crew. Thanks for the updates!!