Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Evening Updates

Hunter/Hameister 5/24 is hanging tough at high camp (17K.) Russell said no one is moving up–the weather is not too bad in camp but it is cranking with wind up high.

Soucy-Coombs 5/25 team are at 14K. Guides Noah and Travis moved a cache up to the 17K camp while Heather Coombs and Soucy climbed up to the top of fixed lines for acclimatization. That is an 800 foot gain on at 40-55 degree slope. Good practice for the push to high camp. Their gear awaits them when they are ready to make the move to high camp.

Opp/Skerritt 5/25 and Passey 5/28 are both at 14K and both team put a cache in on the 16K ridge.

Hoeschen's 5/26  team is at 14K Camp. Today they back carried to Windy Corner. This means they went back down to 13,200 feet and retrieved gear they left there when they ascended.

Postle 6/4 made it to 7800 foot camp at the base of ski hill around 2:30 PM today. They had their camp built and were about to have some soup. Soup is an appetizer at every dinner...a good way to hydrate when you get into camp and before eating dinner.

Torkelson 6/5 stayed at base camp on the Kahiltna Glacier (7,200 feet) to review skills before heading out tomorrow. The first day out of camp is a hard one as they will move everything in one trip to the 7,800 camp. When you leave the SE fork of the Kahiltna Glacier you descend about 500 feet before turning onto the main Kahiltna and then ascending to the 7800 foot camp. It is about five miles in distance; 500 down and 1100 feet up and takes about five hours. Between their pack and the sled each person is carrying and pulling about 110 pounds.

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