Friday, June 22, 2012

Hamill does it again

AMS guide Mike Hamill just called in from 17K (high camp).  His and his whole crew are back safely in camp after a successful summit.  Mike said the weather is perfect right now.  He actually said it was HOT! 

Everyone on Mike's team did well and are doing well.  They had a 12 hour summit day.  Congratulations to Tim who just successfully climbed his 50th state high point on his wedding anniversary day no less.

They will start heading down tomorrow and with good weather could be out as early as Sunday morning.



Molly, BJ, Elena, and Taylor said...

Oh this is wonderful news! Thanks for the update. And now wishing them a safe descent!
- Molly (Sara's sister)

delanii k-m said...

Congrats to the whole team!!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing my hubby (Atte) :-)