Monday, June 11, 2012


Russell Hunter's crew is still hangin' at high camp waiting for better weather so they can go for the summit.  It's been snowing and blowing up high on the mountain for the last 7-8 days.  They are doing fine, with plenty of food, fuel and thick tall snow walls surrounding their tent.

Todd Passey and his team are still waiting it out at 14K as well.  They are hoping to be able to move up to 17K (high camp) tomorrow.  All of the groups have been patiently waiting out the weather on the upper mountain.  Patience is a virtue on Denali. 

Nate Opp is waiting at 14K too.  As soon as the weather improves they are ready to head up.

Upper mountain travel (above 14K) requires good weather.  It is possible to travel lower down on the mountain in marginal weather, due to warmer temperatures and the terrain.  High on Denali it is much colder and the terrain dictates that we have good weather/conditions.  On the lower mountain we are currently travelling on night schedule to utilize the coldest temperatures.

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