Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday

From Someone in Russell's crew:  Happy Birthday Jade
Russell's crew is heading up to High camp tomorrow, weather permitting.  They are doing well.

Some other birthday wishes from the 5/26 (Josh Hoeschen's) expeditionKen says happy birthday to Ashley. And Sri wishes her brother a happy birthday as well.

Greg also called in from an established "Notch Camp" on the Upper West Rib.  They had light winds on the move up today and are hoping for a summit attempt tomorrow or the next day.
Sorry for the bad photo, but the Upper West Rib is essentially the right hand skyline.  Greg and his team are camped out on the lower third somewhere. 


Sridhar Sharma said...

To Sri: Thanks Akka. Good luck with the expedition. Oodles of ove, Sridhar xxx

Anonymous said...

To Sri: Thanks Akka. All well here. Oodles of love and good luck! Sridhar xxx