Monday, June 18, 2012

High Camp

Hello all,

Tom Torkelson's Team, Mark Postle's Team and Colby Coomb's team are all at high camp now.  They all moved up today in absolutely perfect weather.  They are doing great!  They are all fed and are already for bed.  All 3 teams are planning on going for the summit tomorrow ((Tuesday) weather depending.

Mike Hamill will be moving into the AMS camp at 14K shortly.  The AMS teams that went up to HC today have left Mike and his team plenty of food and fuel in "our igloo".
Brian Okonek photo of a team traversing toward Denali Pass (18,200'), with 17K (high camp) below. 

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Stacy said...

Wahoo! Tomorrow's an exciting day!! Thinking of you Will :)