Monday, June 4, 2012

High camps

Here, a lone camp waits for adequate weather above Denali Pass.
Russell Hunter called in from High Camp on the West Buttress.  He, Dusty and Paul are warm and cozy up there despite the cold temps and high winds.  They have big walls built and were going to make them even bigger while they wait for good conditions for a summit attempt.

Not all days have to be perfect to move or carry on a Denali Expedition.  The high up the mountain teams go though, the nicer the weather needs to be for carries, to some degree, but certainly for camp moves and definitely for summit attempts.  In the photo above, camp looks relatively calm, but judging by the giant lenticular cloud formed over the entire upper mountain, I'd say that it is SUPER windy up there and not a day that we'd go for the top.

Greg Collins called in today as well.  Too cold and windy for a summit attempt on the Upper Rib.  They are planning on heading down to 14K camp on the West Buttress and perhaps giving the West Buttress an attempt if the weather allows.

Our other expeditions that are elsewhere on the mountain have been able to continue on with carries and moves as planned.  

The photo below shows a group travelling in pretty windy conditions.  This was a late season expedition with warmer temperatures.  This was also taken relatively low on the mountain so they could travel in these conditions quite comfortably.  With higher winds and colder temperatures this group would have remained in camp.

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