Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hoeschen & Soucy at 370 Feet Elevation/ Coombs at 7,200 Feet

Last evening Josh Hoeschen's and Mike Soucy's teams flew from the 7,200 foot Kahiltna International airport back to Talkeetna where there was a light rain but lots of watermelon. I'm sure they were glad to be back in the thick oxygen and endless hot water.

Guide Colby Coombs got in to base camp for a custom West Buttress climb with Vanessa and guide Larry Holmgren and Intern Josh Murphey. They went right to bed because they need to get on a night schedule. So they probably got up around 2:00 AM and headed out around 3:00 or 4:00 AM this morning. The conditions on the glacier are firmer and the don't have to travel during the middle of the hot day.

A funny thing about climbing Denali...people are super eager to get in and start their climb and equally eager to get off that mountain. All teams had a one day weather delay.
Collby in his one piece Action Suit, Larry, Vanessa and Josh.

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