Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It is Kahiltna Basecamp FLY TIME!

Hooray! It is flyable To Basecamp!


Our teams were at the Talkeetna Airport this morning getting gear transferred from van to plane.   The IMG/AMS team lead by Greg Vernovage Dustin English and the AMS team lead by Mike Janes and Beth Cleary flew to base camp this morning to begin their Denali climb.

Guide Dustin English, Eric, Parker, Brenda, Deborah, Larry, Mark, Guide Greg Vernovage
AMS Guides Mike Janes and Beth Cleary with Sophie, Tyler, Tina, Ryan and Sergii

Our teams ready and patiently waiting to get into the planes. Sometimes the 'Talkeetna Hang' is part of the program...
AMS Guides Greg Vernovare, Dustin English and Mike Janes waiting to load up their gear, Brenda looking ready in the foreground.
AMS climbers Sophie, Ryan, Tina doing last minute suncreeen application with Sergii with Guide Beth Cleary at Talkeetna Air Taxi.

Mike Hamill's Team returned from base camp after a 3 day weather delay at base camp.  They did a good job patiently awaiting the weather out there on the glacier.  They are happy to be back in Talkeetna and are currently enjoying fresh fruit, green leaves and warmer temperatures.

The AMS June 11 Hamill Team quickly unloaded the van here at AMS.
Keith moving the gear to green, non-snowy ground.

The 6 Day Mountaineering Course remains on the Eldridge Glacier, the weather is still cloudy there.  Instructor Josh Hoeshen called in earlier today saying that is was not yet flyable and he will be in touch directly with the air taxi when it looks good.  We have our fingers crossed for clearing weather! 

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