Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Fun

Today was another beautiful day in Talkeetna, it feels like summer with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine.  

We are launching a custom Alaska Range Glacier Trek and a Denali, West Buttress Expedition. 

Guide Brian McCullough, Kathy and Kitty
AMS Guide Brian McCullough, flew to the Alaska Range's Upper Coffee Glacier with his team for a two day glacier trek. They are excited to have a great adventure, learn lots and have fun.

The team is excited to launch! AMS Guide Melis Coady, Lee, Todd, Tom, Brad, John, Jon, AMS Guide Brian Skean

AMS Guides Melis Coady and Brian Skean, and the 6/18 Denali, West Buttress team had a great day preparing for their expedition.  After a short delay due to a rare thunder storm that passed over Talkeetna, they are now at the Talkeetna airport ready to fly onto the Kahiltna Glacier to begin their climb. This is a great team!


AMS Instructors Todd Tumolo and Dana Larkin from our June 14, 12 Day Mountaineering Course checked in to let us know that all great with them in Little Switzerland (aka Pika Glacier).  Yesterday (Sunday) they practiced crevasse rescue techniques on the glacier.  Today they moved their camp for more skills training and peak ascents.  The group is great!

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