Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moving right along.

Mark Postle and his team made a cache to 13.5K today.  That's on the 14K side of Windy Corner.  He said it was so warm they had to remove layers before rounding the corner.

Mark did say it was still windy up high, but the rest of the mountain is good, weather wise.  Mark and his team are all doing really well.  They had a great carry and are hoping to move up to 14K tomorrow if the weather is anything like it is today.

Mark said that Tork and his team are looking SOLID!  They got up super early today and did a back carry to retrieve all of their supplies that they had cached in the 10,000' basin.  This time of year, with the warmer temperaturtes, our groups are trying to avoid a lot of the heat of the day, by either travelling in the middle of the night for long moves or carries or getting up nice and early to do shorter back carries.

Tom Torkelson and his team will be looking to do their carry around Windy Corner tomorrow, weather depending.

Josh and Jeremiah's crew wanted us to put the word out that they are all missing their loved ones!

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Stacy said...

Thank you AMS for posting comments about how loved ones are doing. The updates are amazing! Excited everyday to see team Postle's progression!

Miss and love you Will! Keep rockin' it!!