Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday, June 16th update.

Here, an expedition led by Tom Torkelson does some calisthenics while waiting out some windy conditions on the upper mountain.

Hello everyone.  We just wanted to let everyone know that ALL of the AMS expeditions are doing well on Denali.  Colby Coombs just called in from 14K.  He and Vanessa are strong and are hoping to move to high camp tomorrow, weather permitting. 

Todd Passey and his team are going to start making their way down to base camp tonight from 14K.  If the weather is good they may be out tomorrow morning.

Mark Postle's and Tom Torkelson's teams are also doing well at 14K. 

Mike Hamill and his team arrived to 11K yesterday and are doing a back carry today.  They had a cache in at 10,000 feet, so today they just had to do a short jaunt to pick up their stuff.  Tomorrow they will be making a carry to 13.5k area.

The weather on Denali has been looking really good the last several days.  It has remained quite windy high on the mountain (above 18,000 feet) but the rest of the mountain is down right nice.  Anyone who has or has had friends and family on Denali in recent weeks will certainly have heard or will be hearing tales of wind, snow, digging, sawing and stacking blocks to build walls and igloos and all of the other fun stuff that we get to do in the snow.  It's all part of the experience that makes Denali such a special mountain.


Molly, BJ, Elena, and Taylor said...

Thanks for the update! My sister Sara is on Mike's team and we are thankful for the news!

Molly, BJ, Elena, and Taylor said...

Thanks for the update! My sister Sara is on Mike's team and we are grateful for the news!

Rich Glendening said...

Any word on Thursday's avalanche?
Are all your groups safe?

shirley and linda said...

Thanks for the post/update on ALL the teams/hikers, especially thinking of Sara [Mike's team]! Stay Strong up there! Shirley and Linda/Mom

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

All of the AMS teams are doing well! None of our teams were near the avalanche. What happened is tragic, and we send out our thoughts to all of the friends and families of all who were involved.