Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Activities and Mountain Update

It is a beautiful day here in Talkeetna!  We hope this posting finds you having a great weekend.


AMS has three Denali teams at the 14,200' camp: they are the expeditions led by: Colby Coombs/ Larry HolmgrenTom Torkelson/Elliot Gaddy and Mark Postel/Beth Cleary. They are resting in camp today, it was a bit windy above camp so they decided to stay put at 14,200' and wait for better weather to make their move upwards.  The team members are all doing very well.

Mike Hamill and Alex Stroud's team are based out of the 11,000' camp. They are making a carry of food fuel and equipment to 13,500' today. They plan to move to 14,200' tomorrow.

The weather has been very good throughout the Alaska Range lately.  With a bit of time, the slightly warmer temperatures often results in the stabilization a freshly fallen snowpack. Our teams have been traveling on the lower portions of Denali, and during the past 48 hours the travel/snowpack has been good.



Once again this year we are honored to work with a terrific group of Combat Wounded Veterans.  We have two teams this year; one group departed today on the Alaska Railroad Flag Stop Train for a Rafting and Pack Raft Adventure.  Another group is participating an Alaska Range Mountaineering Course.  We have had a fun couple of days with these guys and gals. We have been kept busy with equipment checks, river and technical ropework prepartaions and an awesome BBQ.

The Rafting and Pack Raft Crew gathered at the train station to hop on the train.  They were excited to be starting a new adventure on the river.  Mulit-talented AMS Guides Tim HewetteSean Fallon and Tag Tagalakas were looking forward to time on the river with such an enthusiastic group!  

The Mountaineering Crew,  ready to set up camp on the North Fork of the Coffee Glacier within the Alaska Range.  AMS Guides Greg Runyan, John Sykes and Dustin Horton are looking forward to a great adventure with this awesome group.

We are working with the Breathe In The Light Project on a custom Theraputic Wilderness Backpacking Course.  This morning the women spent the time checking gear outside in the warm sunshine.  Guides Kristen Kremer and Betsy Young are leading this group on the Kesusgi Ridge of Denali State Park to have a week filled with adventure, challenge, fun and healing.

The ladies with their backing gear; ready to check, sort and pack into backpacks for a great journey ahead.

Breathe In The Light Project with AMS guides Kirsten Kremer and Betsy Young, ready to get going and drive to the trailhead!

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