Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update at HQ

Heather Coombs guided by Mike Soucy, Noah R. and Travis McAlpine, finished her custom West Buttress climb last night; they made a valiant effort but were stumped by the weather. After twelve days at the 14,000 foot camp; they made lots of new friends. Marc from Hoeschen's trip is feeling well rested and was seen around town on an AMS bike.
Heather Coombs came back from her after 20 days on mountain.
Marc looking clean shaven and perky after a night sleeping in a bed and shower...well actually he had to take a bath as he stayed at a place with only a bathtub (good beta for future climbers.)

 Our 12-day mountaineering course is underway led by guides Todd Tumolo and Dana Larkin. Four students are busy packing gear and food. They fly at 4:15 PM today, weather dependent.

Morgan peruses her choices for packing lunches for the next 12 days.

Students chowing down their lunch. After this meal they have to cook for themselves.
 Opp/Skerritt team came out this afternoon with Dominic and Andy. Showers and transportation outta town were foremost on their minds.

Dominic sports a nice tan.
Andy starts the gear sorting.

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