Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update from the Field

We have some pictures from the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge mountaineering course now in process!
Guide Brian McCullough was leading a two-day Glacier Trek in the same area and he brought back these pictures. The weather could not be better!
Coming in for a landing with the Challenge Vets campsite in view.
Kitty and Kathy on their Glacier Trek review their crevasse rescue anchor.

Kitty and Kathy headed out for a ski tour.

The Vets were also heading out.

Rope team passing by.

Nice Camp for Kitty and Kathy with the Vet campsite in the rear.

The view from their home.

Line of Warriors.

More nice scenery

And news from the hill:

All high camp teams (Postle, Torkelson, Coombs) are heading back to base camp (7,200ft.) now and could be back in Talkeetna as early as tomorrow.

Hamill 6/11 are resting at 14K. They will probably move to high camp tomorrow. In the meantime he'll be expecting those upper teams so water and shade will be ready for them when they arrive.

And from the river:

The Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge Rafting expedition is going well. They are camped on a gravel bar in the Susitna River. This allows them to escape the mosquitoes and get river breezes. They camped near Curry last night. It is about 25 miles north of Talkeetna and at one time was a major stop on the Alaska Railroad complete with a large hotel. All burned to the ground in the 1960's.
They are playing with their packrafts and enjoying the fine weather. You can see the road (white line) and railroad (green line) in the image below but don't let that fool you into thinking they are that close to either. There is a lot of wilderness between those two places!

The yellow pin is where they camped last night. The green line is the Alaska Railroad and the white line is the Parks Highway.


Anonymous said...

Are the teams of Mark Postle, Tork, & Coombe back down safely yet

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Yup, most of them are here at AMS already and the others are coming in on the next flight out from base camp.