Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AMS Denali Expeditions Update

All AMS teams are doing very well.

The AMS 6/18 expedition led by Melis Coady is at high camp and plans to stay there today to wait out some moderate winds before their descent to basecamp.  They had a good summit day yesterday and are all enjoying a well earned sleep - in today. They are eating, sleeping, hydrating and enjoying the memory of their efforts thus far.

AMS teams led by Rob Golwer, Mike Janes and Greg Vernovage are resting at the 11,200' camp. They have moderate winds at 11,200', so they are waiting until the winds decrease to make their move to the 14,200' camp.  It is a nice day today at 14,200' camp, so they may be able to make the move later oon today or tomorrow.  They too are happily eating, sleeping and hydrating - and are enjoying each day.  They report that the route conditions are exceptionally good.

Waiting for good weather is part of the game on Denali, it takes a lot of patience to climb to the highest mountain in North America.

NPS photo of Denali's, West Buttress route with the camps marked.

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