Friday, July 6, 2012

AMS Denali Teams: Up The Fixed Lines

I just spoke with AMS guide Rob Gowler at 14,200'. 

Today the AMS Denali teams led by Rob, Mike Janes and Greg Vernovage climbed up the fixed lines to 16,400' with extra food, fuel and gear that they will need at high camp and for summit day.

They cached these items in a deep snow hole and will pick it up again in a few days.  If the cache hole isnt deep enough some very smart and well acclimatized ravens will get their food -it's true!

Everyone is doing well.

Rob's expedition has a plan is to take rest day tomorrow and weather permitting move to high camp on Sunday. He is pretty sure the others teams are on the same page.

Here are some photos of the terrain they covered today.

Base of the fixed lines, in snowy conditions.
Travel up the lower part of the fixed lines
Nearing the top of the fixed lines

Top of the fixed lines brings climbers onto the West Buttress proper ( aka the 16 Ridge) @ 16,200'

Digging a deep hole in the snow for the cache at 16,300',  it is an exceptionally nice day in this photo!

AMS climbers returning to 14,200' camp after their carry up the fixed lines.

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