Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AMS Denali Teams Update - Party at 14,200'

Yesterday was a busy day for the AMS expeditions after all!

The winds subsided enough for all teams to move yesterday afternoon, the temperatures were relatively warm for them as well.

Expeditions led by Rob Gowler, Mike Janes and Greg Vernovage are now at 14,200',  they are planning to go down to 13,400' to pick up their cache of food fuel and gear today.  This is a pretty quick day (3 hours or so round trip) and it gets climbers up and about after their big move yesterday.  Going to a lower elevation also helps them acclimatize to higher altitudes.
AMS Climbers retrieving their cache from 13,500' and returning to 14,200',  Mt. Foraker peeking out of the clouds.

AMS Denali expedition led by Melis Coady / Brian Skean descended to 14,200' yesterday evening from high camp.  They were in good form and if all goes as planned we could even see them back in Talkeetna as early as tomorrow!

The 16 Ridge, from high camp (17,200')  to 16,300'. The notch at left is where they meet the fixed lines to descend back to the 14,200' camp.

This is 14,200' camp with tracks towards the base of the fixed lines. Their view looks up to high camp,  where the the rocks and skyline meet, center of photo. 

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