Sunday, July 8, 2012

AMS Teams At 14,200' With Snow

AMS Guide Mike Janes just phoned in.

He and the AMS teams led by Rob Gowler and Greg Vernovage have 3 to 4 foot drifts of snow in camp, so they are staying at 14,200' for now.  This news means it was snowy and blowy up there for them in the past 24 hours.  They all are doing well and, among other things, are honing their shoveling skills.  They are shoveling, eating, drinking, shoveling, chatting, reading, eating and shoveling again.

Believe it or not, it does take a bit of practice to shovel out from around the tents.  The tents are made to withstand high winds, snow and rain but they are vulnerable to the sharp edges of shovels.  So, it takes some technique using both the shovel and mittens to sweep snow away to clear out your walled in tent area.  A solid tent is critical out there, so it is worth doing it right the first time.

Below are some photos of our climbers building walls with snow blocks at 14,200'. This is light snow with winds.  Our crews already have their walls, though they are out working away like these climbers. If you ask me it's all fun!

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Martine said...

Thank you for keeping us informed!
incredible pictures!
kisses to our son Charles!