Monday, July 9, 2012

Custom Climb, Hikes and a 6 Day Mountaineering Course

Today has been a busy and fun day at AMS!

Guide Josh Hoeschen flew to the Pika Glacier with Carlo and Rudy for a fun technical climbing course.  The group plans to do both rock and snow climbing.  They plan to have a few peak ascents and practice glacier travel and crevasse rescue.

Guide Dusty Eroh flew to Dutch Hills/Bear Creek area to lead a Wilderness Hike.  He was looking forward to leading Richard into the scenic alpine environment.  The route will take  advantage of some excellent vantage points for seeing wildlife with superb views of the Alaska Range.

Guide Dusty Eroh and Richard
Our Six day Mountaineering Course spent the day preparing for their adventure.  The team had a morning of gear checking and lunch packing followed by lunch,  trip to National Park Service, and practicing fixed line ascension before heading off to the airport. 

They flew off the North Fork of the Coffee Glacier.  Instructors  Nick D'Alessio and Travis McAlpine were ready to share their knowledge.  The team jumped for joy before leaving for the airport.

Guides Travis McAlpine, Nick D'Alessio, Kasper, Chris, Sarah, Kyle & Lori

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