Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Denali 14,200' AMS Teams Update

AMS Guide Melis Coady checked in from 14,200' this afternoon.   She said the team is really happy and that they are planning on traveling to base camp tonight.  They had a great day resting, eating, visiting with fellow climbers and organizing gear for their descent.  

On the lower elevations of the route, the best strategy is to travel at night. This allows climbers to avoid the heat of the day and take advantage of the firm snow conditions, especially in June and July.  

If the weather cooperates we will see them in Talkeetna tomorrow.

The descent from 14,200' to base camp at night often includes this amazing alpenglow at 13,000'.

She reported that the teams led by Rob Gowler, Mike Janes and Greg Vernovage were doing great as well.  They will most likely take a rest day at 14,200' tomorrow and, if the weather is good, make a carry up to 16,300' on Friday.  Climbing is all weather dependent, so plans change with the weather.

14,200' camp with it's stellar view of Mt. Foraker (17,400') and beyond to the west, which is Denali National Park and Preserves northern section.

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