Sunday, July 1, 2012

Denali, June 18 - Coady Update

AMS Guide Melis Coady just called in for the 17,200' high camp on Denali's West Buttress. The team is doing very well!

They had sunny skies for their climb up the fixed lines, along the spectaular 16,200' ridge and into high camp yesterday.  The team is taking a well deserved rest day today.

Below are some photos of past AMS climbers covering the terrain that they covered yesterday.

The climb up the fixed lines from 15,400' to 16,200'

Top of the fixed lines, looking down on the main flow Kahiltna Glacier, Mt. Foraker in the background on the right.

The 16,200' West Buttress ridge. This very spectaular part of the route.

This is the amazing view from the 17,200' high camp. Walking over to this this view area is well earned reward and it's great place for the evening hot drink.  

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Heather said...

Looks amazing! it doesn't even look near as spectacular from down here in Talkeetna.. Good luck to you all - almost there!! :) All that hard work will pay off soon. My thoughts and love are with you Todd!