Friday, July 13, 2012

First Descents Custom Mountaineering Course

AMS Instructors Larry Holgren, Josh Murphey and Erin Pollock are excited to meet their First Descents students yesterday!  AMS is honored to be working with this wonderful organization that works with young adult cancer survivors to empower themselves through outdoor adventures.

They are on a custom 6 day Mountaineering Course in the Alaska Range.  This is a strong, organized and very fun loving group!  They completed their gear check, packed their field ration lunches quickly, enjoyed a relaxed tasty lunch at the AMS HQ before heading off to the National Park Service to register.

The group was all smiles as they left for the airport. We know this team is to having a blast up on the Coffee Glacier.

Instructors Josh Murphey, Larry Holgren with AMS Kid-O Lisle and dog Rosie, Christina, Tony, Andy, Instructor Erin Pollack, Owen, Jackie, Peta,Dave and Lisa

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