Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome Back June 25 Expedition - Mike Janes

AMS Guides Mike Janes, Beth Cleary and the AMS June 25 team returned to Talkeetna today!  They got a good workout on their descent with trailbreaking through fresh snow.  This teams seems happy with all of the work they did on Denali.  They were able get to 16,400' and back down again, which represents a great deal of hard work, perserverence and mental fortitude. Well done team and congratualtions on all of your efforts.

The watermelon that we put out for them is a big hit.  First their boots come off and then they reach for the fruit.  They were pleased with the warm temperature and the flowers in Tlakeetna. As always, a shower and soft bed are in the plans for tonight.

Guide Beth Cleary, Sophie, Tina, Ryan, Guide Mike Janes, Tyler, Venediktov and Eric

Teams led by Greg Vernovage and Rob Gowler remain at 14,200' in hopes that the snow pack will settle so they can make their way to high camp.  There is a lot of settling that needs to occur, and we are hoping for the sun to heat up the snow so the slopes can solidify.  We are all rooting for you!

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Martine said...

We are with us too! Great courage.