Monday, July 16, 2012

June 27- Gowler Denali Update

I spoke briefly with AMS Guide Rob Gowler a few hours ago.

The weather and snow conditions have not improved for upward climbing so, they are making thier way down the mountain. Yesterday they left 14,200' and made their way to the 11,000' camp, where they camped due to some stormy weather.

Their plan is to hike during the night and be at base camp in the morning.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate with them and the planes will be able to bring them back to Talkeetna as soon as this morning!

It will be great to see all of them and hear their amazing climbing and snow storm stories.  It sure sounds as if this team has experienced some unusually prolific and constant snow.   I cant wait to hear the stories straight from them.

I wonder if they built a snow cave, I'd bet they did.

Here's a NPS image of the West Buttress Route, they have covered a lot of ground.

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