Friday, July 13, 2012

June 27 team camping at snowy 14,200'

AMS Guide Rob Gowler called in from 14,200 camp today.  They still have time and are waiting for conditions and weather to improve, the weather continues to be snowing and blowing up up there. 

They are digging, eating, chatting and they must be telling some funny jokes by now... I am sure they are spending quite a bit of time maintaining their camp area and are keeping it ship-shape.  They are getting some invaluable big mountain snow camping skills right now, for sure.   Everyone is good spirits and happy, they say hello to family and friends back at home. 

Below are some photos of what part of the day is like while waiting out stormy weather, this is not the 2012 AMS June 27 Expedition, it a past AMS expedition with similar weather. 

They are hanging out in the snow kitchen a lot!

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