Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rest Day at 14,200' for AMS Teams on Denali

I just heard from AMS/IMG guide Greg Vernovage.

He said all is well with the AMS teams at 14,200'.  His team and AMS expeditions led by Rob Gowler and Mike Janes took a well earned rest day at 14,200' today and plan to carry up to 16,300' tomorrow.  It was a bit windy on the ridge from 16,200' to 17,200' today so the timing was perfect for a rest day.

They reviewed some skills today in preparation for travel on fixed lines to 16,200'. There are a few tricks we have learned over the years, and we want to share it so everyone can be as efficient as possible up there. 

A couple of AMS teams at 14,200 camp, reviewing some of what they already learned with us prior to departing for the mountain: "the magic clip" and voice commands for the days ahead.

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