Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Going On at AMS...

Another program starts today...a custom Wilderness Hike for the Beyer clan. They depart from Fish Lake for a 2:00 PM flight and land on a lake in the Talkeetna Mountains for a six day backcountry experience. On this custom hike they will set up a base camp and spend each day exploring the surrounding tundra and alpine lakes. Tomorrow Guide Larry Holmgren and hikers return from their  7-Day Wilderness Hike. They flew Shadow Lake and are hiking out to the train tracks to take the Alaska Railroad Whistle Stop train back to town...very cool! We look forward to hearing of their adventures.

The Alaska Railroad Whistle Stop train stops along the tracks for of the last of its kind in the country.

Wilderness Hike Gear Checking and Packing

Guide Deb Ajango advises Tom about his gear choices.

The black cylinders are bear proof food containers.
Elsewhere on the the AMS continues on the new Gearport. Resident carpenter, Chip Faurot with our interns Josh and Jeremiah about putting the finishing touches on the building.


liz said...

if you could send this to chip faurot
still have your crystal rock from Co.1979!
Here in NM thanks

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Will do liz!