Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Denali West Buttress Availibility

The flood clean up has not affected our office hours,  we are here Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00 PM.  Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

May 10 - May 30     2 spots available
May 13 - June 2       5 spots available
May 20 - June 9       5 spots available
May 25 - June 14     6 spots available
May 27 - June 16     6 spots available
June 3 - June 23       4 spots available
June 10 - June 30     2 spots available
June 14 - July 4        6 spots available
June 17 - July 7        5 spots available
June 23 - July 13      6 spots available
June 27 - July 17      3 spots available

21 days, $6800, 6 climbers: 2-3 guides

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Clean-Up Cotntinues

Today we have blue sky and it is a good day to dry things out.  The pictures will speak for themselves.  We want to thank all the great people who have pitched in to help!

Drying things out

Ready for the trash
Emptying the church

Caitlin and Chip after a hard da

Monday, September 24, 2012

Flood Update

Rain, rain and more rain was not a good thing for Talkeetna!  The rivers and creeks were very high and Friday brought a evacuation of east and downtown Talkeetna. The Talkeetna river did flood and water is everywhere.  AMS is fine but we are very busy cleaning up.  The Mountain Shop had 4 feet of water in the basement.  The school basement is also flooded.  Pumps are running to remove all this water and friends are pitching in to help with the clean-up! All of the amazing attitudes that make an expedition work have allowed the folks here at AMS to push on with smiles.

Thanks to the hard working volunteers!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Photos from the 12-Day Mountaineering Course

We just dropped off the last two students to the bus depot so our final course of the 2012 season is officially over. One of the students, Amos, took loads of great photos some of which I've shared here. The team went to a seldom traveled area called Backside Lake. They flew in via float plane, hiked across very difficult glacial moraine, did some ice climbing and peak ascents. Well done!

Where's the snow...camping on a moraine; note the float plane in the background.

Oh, there is the snow...

Happy campers drying out their gear during a class... Matt, Shaun, Tony and Jeremy.

Are those chocolate chip pancakes!!!??

One of the benefits of a late season course--stars and northern lights.

A little ice climbing.

Amos revels in the sunshine and views.

Students climbing an un-named peak

Instructor Melis and team on top.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12- Day Course Back in Town!

Melis Coady's team of nine are back from a challenging time in the Alaska Range. They saw it all: rain, snow, cold and finally blazing sunshine! They were able to climb two peaks yesterday, get in some ice climbing and learn a lot of skills.

I believe their agenda is something like this: sort gear, dry gear, put away gear, take shower, eat food, party, sleep in a real bed.
Amos can't wait to get those boots off!

Damien's got dish duty.

Gayland is all smiles after surviving twelve days in the Range.

Jeremy's ready to party!

Paris helps unload the van.

Tony and Matt about to head off for the showers carrying their gear.

Lots of gear to sort.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

12 Day Mountaining Course Update

Instructor Melis Coady from the 12 day mountaineering course called in from the the Ruth Glacier this afternoon.

The class is having a great time and learning lots.  Among many other things, they have been traveling on a variety of terrain including: glacial moraine, bare glacial ice and snow covered glacier.  They have climbed vertical ice as well.  They have been traveling and camping on very remote areas of the Ruth Glacier, Glacier One and Backside Glacier.

This morning, as they were moving back to their original camp, they crossed a river running on top of the Ruth Glacier - pretty cool.  Also today, they climbed a peak above Backside Lake and they reached the top at around 2:00 pm.

These students and instructors have experienced a full range of weather during their course - from cold rain and high winds to sunny blue sky days and freezing nights.  Sounds like good wilderness mountaineering to me!  We look forward to all of their stories and their return.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Updates From the Field

Instructor, Nick D'Alessio with Bob and Jim on the 6-Day Custom Mountaineering Cours, is due back today. They should be flying out of the Chugach Range this afternoon and making their way back to Talkeetna this evening. They had beautiful weather! We look forward to hearing of their adventures.

A picture of the Scandinavian Peaks hut that I found on the internet. I'm sure they are having much nice weather.
Instructor Melis Coady called in from the Ruth Glacier and the 12-Day Mountaineering Course. They are having some weather challenges: first with rain (bad) and then with snow (good). It is all part of learning mountaineering in Alaska. We are happy to report that there are blue skies here in Talkeetna and the clouds are breaking up toward the Alaska Range. They may have the sun shining on them very soon.

These are not the final programs of the season; we still have a custom Glacier Trek next week and a film support project later in the month.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Custom Six Day Course

Instructor Nick D'Alessio checked in today from the custom mountaineering course.  They woke up to much deserved blue skies!!!  Their plan is to have a fun filled day of classes and hit the peaks asap.

They are camped below the Scandinavian Hut. The hut is an A shaped structure that was built in 1990, it is maintained by The Mountaineering Club of Alaska, a great Anchorage based group of very active climbers.  The Scandinavian Peaks area is surrounded by peaks which provide a great classroom for their course. 

All are well and are very happy to be in the mountains.

Monday, September 3, 2012

AMS September 12 Day Mountaineering Course

Bottom row: Amos, Instructor Melis Coady, Paris, Jeremy
Top row: Instructor Josh Murphy, Matt, Shaun, Instructor Jeremiah Phelps, Liam, Tony, Damien and Gayland
After two rainy weather days,  The 12 day mountaineering course led by instructors Melis Coady, Josh Murphy and Jeremiah Phelps flew to Backside Lake in the Alaska Range.  The students CRANKED out some great curriculum here at  the AMHQ and are ready to put it to the test on the glacier.

Backside Lake is located in the terminal moraine of a glacier that feeds into the Ruth Glacier.  The course will be exploring above the lake to the head of Backside Glacier toward Mt. Dickey, and onto the Ruth Glacier and surrounding side glaciers and peaks.  This is a stunning landing area, a enclave of green within the rock and ice of the Alaska Range.

Photo: Alaska Alpine Adventures
This is Backside Lake in the summer,  fresh snow will be covering the hillsides now and our team will be moving up and on to the glacier (out of photo but beyond and to the left).  Ruth Glacier's ice is seen in the background to the right.

Custom 6 Day Mountaineering

After a one day of rainy weather delay, Instructor Nick D'Alessio and his students left for the Matanuska Glacier.  They will fly in super cub's to the upper area of the Matanuska called the Scandinavian Peaks, within the Chugach Mountains.   Nick, Jim and Bob will cover lots of skills, climb, enjoy the fresh snow, have a great time and much, much more!

Jim, Bob and Instructor Nick D'Alessio in the AMS gear room, ready for departure.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

12 Day Course Members Getting Ready!

Harness up!
Whole lotta gear.

A full day of prepping, packing and eating before flying in to the Range this afternoon. At the moment it is not flyable but that could change. In the meantime the team is reviewing harnesses, knots and fixed line ascension.

Working to become members of the Clean Plate Club.

Guide Melis and Intern Jeremiah chowing down on the greens.

We are excited to have local grown Talkeetna resident, Paris joining the course! Her mom took an AMS course 12 years ago.