Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whew! Busy Day at AMS HQ

Non-stop action here at the end of 3rd Street.

A group headed into the Mountain House for a few days with guides Melis Coady and Brian Skean.

The 6-Day Mountaineering Course geared up and headed to the airport for a 5:00 PM flight into the Pika Glacier.

Our Mountain Guides course returned from the Range...they skied out the Ruth Glacier crossing Alder Creek and back to the road where we met them with fresh fruit for the drive back to town. We'll post some pictures from the course; they saw grizzly tracks in the snow!

The weather continues to be GORGEOUS with blue skies and sunshine.

Melis and Brian checking gear.

Sounds like they have some jamming planned for their stay at the Mountain House!
This happy gang is headed to the Mountain House on a splitter day.

Mountaineering 6 -Day course students and guides: Dana, Travis, Dustin, Tim, Melissa, Dustin, Ken, Mike and Ray just before heading to the airport.

Sam is all smiles after getting out of the mountains on the Mountain Guides course.

Zach, Will and Dan unpacking.

Guide Wes Bunch has got a tan!

MTC-6 Students getting a lesson in fixed line ascension.

Geared up and waiting for their turn...

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