Thursday, May 23, 2013


All of the AMS teams are busy moving and climbing today, so we have not heard from them directly. However, we have insider information.

The weather is good on the mountain, so there is lots of movement. 

Tom Torkelson's May 8 Team is moving down today. I would guess we will see them in Talkeetna as soon as tomorrow.

Leigan Falley's May 7 Team: We beleive they are making a summit attempt today, we do not expect to hear from them until this evening at the earliest.  All reports point toward they are doing well!

Larry Holmgren's May 10 Team: Moving to high camp today from 14,200'

Nick D'Allessio's  May 20 Team: is moving to 11,200' camp today from 7,800'

We will keep you posted as we get updates.

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